Strange Stories

Introducing a new weekly(ish) column... 'Strange Stories'.

One of my all time favourite authors is Robert Aickman - he called his fiction not horror, not ghost stories, but 'strange stories' - meaning much the same thing, I think, as the current vogue-ish term 'weird fiction' - that is, horror fiction that wasn't quite horror, ghost stories that didn't necessarily feature ghosts - weird, odd, strange, ghostly, uncanny fiction.

Strange Stories - An Introduction
1. What Water Reveals by Adam Golaski
2. House Taken Over by Julio Cortazar
3. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates
4. What's He Building? by Tom Waits
5. The Willows by Algernon Blackwood
6. The Screwfly Solution by James Tiptree Jr. (Alice Sheldon)
7. The River Styx Runs Upstream by Dan Simmons
8. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
9. Tell Me I'll See You Again by Dennis Etchison
10. Dress Of White Silk by Richard Matheson
11. The Hortlak by Kelly Link
12. The Long Sheet by William Sansom
13. Smoke Ghost by Fritz Leiber
14. Dark Matter: A Ghost Story by Michelle Paver
15. Mal De Mer by Robert Dunbar
16. The Little Dirty Girl by Joanna Russ
17. THYXXOLQU by Mark Samuels
18. Objects In Dreams May Be Closer Than They Appear by Lisa Tuttle
19. The Beautiful Stranger - Shirley Jackson
20. House Of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski
21. Mortmain - John 'Jack' Metcalfe (guest post by MR Cosby)
22. The Graveyard Reader - Theodore Sturgeon (guest post by Anthony Cowin)
23. The Strange Stories of Marie Luise Kaschnitz (guest post by Tilman Breitkreuz)
24. Starfish by A.T. White

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