Trying To Be So Quiet

"If you like your horror quiet, stealthy, and throat-achingly sad, this one is for you." Tracy Fahey

Trying To Be So Quiet was originally publishing by Boo Books as a limited edition novella. It was later rereleased by The Sinister Horror Companywiths two extra stories alongside the title one: 'The Second Wish' and 'Damage'.

Both editions of the book are now unfortunately out of print.

Trying To Be So Quiet & Other Hauntings presents three stories about love, loss and the horror that comes when grief removes our reason for living from the world.

In ‘The Second Wish’, a son coping with the sudden death of his parents returns to his childhood home only to find that, despite everything being familiar, things inside seem increasingly unreal.
In ‘Damage’ a grieving lover loses all sensation of pain as she tries to make sense of her enduring grief.
The title story is a novella telling of a husband’s struggle with the reality of his wife’s death as he remembers their life together. Although haunted, he struggles to find the ghosts that assail him as meaningful as the bleak fact that he is now alone. But that doesn’t stop him seeing them…

"...a deeply moving story, emotionally charged,with a powerful and rich narrative, it is an exemplary example of ability for quiet horror to chill a reader to the core." 
Gingernuts Of Horror.

"This hugely chilling and evocative story, mixing lyrical language and lost love, is told with great psychological acuity." 
Horror Blog UK
Original cover

"A small, quiet, poignant novella about grief and significance... No noise, no fuss, just good, honest writing about the things that matter. Recommended." Gary McMahon

"I really enjoyed this short, condensed novelette, which is packed full of bitterness and yearning, defeatism and aspiration. It’s what loss actually feels like... It’s a fine piece of work." Gary Fry

"I literally had goosebumps when I finished reading"
Anthony Watson, Dark Musings

"A must read, wonderful.", Yvonne Davies, Terror Tree

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