Paupers' Graves

"As might be expected from the author of the amazing Quarantined City, this is a story which operates on multiple levels. It’s a story about stories; it’s about society. It’s ghosts and hauntings and is very effective in dealing out the thrills and chills. It’s a corker – scary and profound." Dark Musings review.

" incredibly powerful and scary story that actually has something to say - and something genuinely nuanced and uncomfortable, at that. Very highly recommended." Kit Power at Gingernuts Of Horror.

"James Everington has given us a brilliantly done novella that is probably my favorite read so far this year." Horror Novel Reviews

Real time review from the inimitable Des Lewis here.

In a Nottingham cemetery, hidden away from the grandiose tombs of the city’s rich, are the old paupers’ graves. Katherine and her team have been ordered to create an exhibit based around the lives of those unfortunates buried beneath. But the paupers represent part of the city’s history that Katherine prefers to avoid thinking about… as well as part of her own. 

But the dead, having had nothing in life, are enraged that even the truth of how they lived is being taken from them. Buried up to twenty under one stone, they whisper in the dark. Maybe they can show Katherine and her colleagues what their history was really like… and how cheap life was considered.

Paupers' Graves is part of the Hersham Horror novella range, along with volumes by Stephen Bacon, Phil Sloman and Mark West. Available both as an ebook and paperback.

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