Friday 22 August 2014

Some Recent Recommendations - Part 1

Best British Horror 2014Here's some books I've read recently, and loved, and so you should read too, because you know I have such excellent taste...

The Best British Horror 2014 (Ed. Johnny Mains)

As you'd expect from the title, there's lots of excellent stories in here, including many I'd come across before that it was a pleasure to read again. Of the stories new to me, my favourites included those by John Llewellyn Probert, Stephen Volk, Elizabth Stott, and (especially) VH Leslie, whose Namesake is a gob-smackingly good tale that references a well known literary classic... But I can't tell you which without spoilers, so I'll shut up.
The Sleeping Dead

The Sleeping Dead - Richard Farren Barber

This is ace.
If you need more than that, I reviewed it on the This Is Horror site.

The Moon Will Look Strange - Lynda E Rucker

The Moon Will Look StrangeA fantastically accomplished collection of weird, Aickmanesque stories, this is one of my favourite horror reads so far this year. The stories are rich, varied, atmospheric and each one rooted with a strong depiction of location, be it the Irish coast, Central Europe, or isolated American mountain communities. Picking favourites from this collection is probably a mug's game, but here we go anyway: Beneath The Drops, The Moon Will Look Strange, The Chance Walker... 

[fade out before I list every story in the book]

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