Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Scattershot Posting...

I've always liked the word 'scattershot' (and yes it is a word despite my PC underlining it with in an ugly red line) meaning 'covering a wide range in a haphazard way'. This posting will definitely be scattershot.

Firstly, I've been interviewed on the brilliantly named Book Brouhaha website ('brouhaha' is an even better word than 'scattershot') about short stories in general and Feed The Enemy in particular. Check out the interview here.

Secondly, I've been working on what will be my first fully self-published book, a collection of short horror and surreal fiction that will 99% certainly be called 'The Other Room'. Obviously for this one I need to do the artwork etc. all by myself, and the first stab I've made at it is this:

I'd be very grateful for any opinions or criticism, because as I say this is my first attempt at cover art. I know that without spending a load of money that I don't have I'll never get anything amazing, but I'd hope it's distinctive and not too embarrassing.

(The original photo that I've mucked around with was kindly provided by Neil Schiller, author of the great short story collection 'Oblivious'. Go check out his website here.)

Thirdly, and finally, have you bought the book for charity I posted about yesterday? If not, have a look. It will be just below here...

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