Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Other Indie Authors Are Available

I'll admit, I didn't know much about the indie and small-press publishing scene until I became part of it. The Kindle and Amazon's 'come one come all' approach to self publishing has given it a tremendous boost. I'm not evangelical about it like some - I just want good books, I don't care where they come from. I've found indie books from forums, from recommendations, and the standard of what I've read is remarkably high. Maybe I've just been lucky - I'll freely admit there's a lot of tripe available too, but the purpose of this post is to celebrate the good...

I intend to update this list throughout the year, adding maybe five books each time... I'll probably do this by creating a  dedicated page on this blog for indie novels I like, but not sure yet. Books are in alphabetical order and links are to Amazon UK.

Celebrity Space - Alain Gomez - a sci-fi short story. It's written in a kind of old fashioned, Twilight-Zone kind of way, which I kinda liked. First part in a series, which I think feature the same characters but look at the situation from a different angle each time...

Claire Obscure- Billie Hilton - I admit, I've only read the sample of this so far, but it seems promising. It starts with someone writing letters to Virginia Woolf, so I'm bound to like it. The cover photograph is great too.

His Story - Zabrina Way - a standalone short story, about someone watching people pass by and invented stories about them, all the while insisting "this story isn't about me". But of course, it is...

Oblivious - Neil Schiller - brilliant collection of short stories. Dark, depressing, moody - great! This was the first indie book I read on my Kindle, and boy did it set the bar high.

Pulling Teeth - Alan Ryker - a collection of horror stories, in the broadest sense of the word. Don't be fooled by the gruesome cover art, this is a subtle, intelligent collection.

Songs From The Other Side of The Wall - Dan Holloway - great coming of age story, with a remarkably likeable heroine. Holloway's ability to capture the voice of a teenager, with all of the attendant sarcasm and naivety, is amazing. Does it sound cheesy to say 'a 21st century Catcher In The Rye'? It does, doesn't it?

So, in between finishing 'Feed The Enemy' and waiting for 'The Other Room', don't sit there twiddling your thumbs - check out one of the above.

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