Friday 5 August 2016

A Haunted Dawn..?

My story 'Defensive Wounds' will (hopefully) be appearing in the Haunted Dawn anthology... if enough people pledge on Kickstarter. I hope you'll consider taking a look and maybe pledging; the anthology will be published by the excellent Uninvited Books and the proposed lineup looks genuinely fantastic.

Rob used this photo of me in moody black & white for the promo video,
so here it is in its original, uh, glory.

Traditional ghosts fade with the dawn. The fears that haunt our dreams evaporate by first light, but there are worse things, worse specters. Far more fearsome are those spirits that do not flee the daybreak. They stay with us. They torment us. They blight our lives, plague our minds. They linger.

They become part of us.

Each of the authors presented here understands this fact … only too well.

HAUNTED DAWN: A Literary Horror Anthology features work by Paul G. Bens, Jr., Lisa von Biela, Justin Bogdanovitch, Chesya Burke, Kealan P. Burke, Nickolas Cook, P.D. Cacek, Jameson Currier, Keith Deininger, Sandy DeLuca, Robert Dunbar, James Everington, Greg Gifune, John Grover, Gerard Houarner, Lauren James, Kevin Lucia, Ronald Malfi, Lisa Mannetti, Elizabeth Massie, and B.E. Sculy.

Does horror have to be the same old thing? Over and over? So many books seem like variants on a theme. Seriously? How many “totally new twists” on zombies or werewolves could there be? Maybe a vampire romance? How about some more stories “inspired” by Lovecraft? Oh please. Wouldn’t you like to read something… different… for a change? Something original? Here’s a radical idea – how about cutting-edge authors who have already invested their considerable talents in pushing the boundaries of the genre? How about literary artistry, creative intelligence … and transcendent chills?

How about paying the writers? (Now there’s a concept.) Here’s your chance to help Haunted Dawn see the light of day.

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