Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Five Things #5

Yet more things horror and book related I've enjoyed recently, and think you might too.

1. A Conversation With S.P. Miskowski, Hellnotes
Rejoice, for S.P. Miskowski has a new novel out! It's called I Wish I Was Like You (the Nirvana reference very much deliberate). Hellnotes caught up with her for this fascinating interview.

2. 'Hands Lying Light In The Interstices, You Rave' by Timothy J. Jarvis
A compelling piece of interactive fiction here; and given its been written by Timothy Jarvis you know it's going to be creepy as hell. The shifting nature of the interactive experience makes it even more disturbing...

3. The Stoakes-Whilby Natural Index Of Supernatural Collective Nouns by David Malki
Every wondered what the collective noun for a group of banshees is? Or gargoyles? Or manticores? Well, wonder no more!

4. Mothers Who Consume by Kristi DeMeester, Apex
"I don’t remember the first time I caught my mother in a lie..." So begins this fascinating, moving piece of non-fiction by one of horror's finest writers, Kristi DeMeester.

5.'Das Steingeschopf' by G.V. Anderson, Strange Horizons
I included this story in my 2016 list, but as it's just been nominated for a World Fantasy Award I thought I'd mention it again. It's beautifully written, an early sign of brilliance from a writer I predict will go on to do great things. G.V. Anderson has started a fundraiser to raise money to attend WFC (where hopefully this story will win) so donate if you can.

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