Sunday 27 November 2011

Other Indie Authors Are Available #5

Continuing my quest to being you the best self-published and independently published ebooks I can find... (links are to Amazon UK)

Musings Of A Monkey - Steven Baxter

Well this is different to the kind of books I normally review. It's a collection of blog entries by Steven Baxter, who I first read on his Enemies Of Reason site. He writes about the media, politics, depression, and a whole host of other stuff. Because it's a book of blog posts, these pieces are witty, conversational, scattershot, and in places inconclusive and ephemeral... but it's a brilliant book.

The reason this book is so good is because the author's personality comes across so well; a literary illusion maybe, but you feel like you know him by the end, and he comes across so well you'd happily stand him a pint.

Speaking of which the story of 'the pint glass miracle' in here is worth the price of admission along. Splendid work.

Psychomancer - Alan Ryker

Okay this is the kind of book I normally review - indeed I've featured Alan Ryker on here a few times. This is the most conventional of Ryker's books I've read (although given that the last one was a stage play that crossed When Harry Met Sally with the Cthulhu mythos the conventionality bar wasn't set particularly high). It's a horror thriller about a psion on the run...

What sets it apart for me (apart from Ryker's typically strong and straight-forward prose) is the ambiguity of the tale to its central character - a victim or a monster? More sinned against than sinning - really? There's more going on here than you think...

Not so conventional after all then.

Infinities - Various Authors

infinities - sf, fantasy and horror fiction for Kindle, Nook and other e-readers
This is a sampler of short stories and extracts from Infinity Plus - I picked it up because it was a) free, and b) contained a piece by Iain Rowan - regular readers will know I rate Rowan's writing, so I thought it was a forgone conclusion I'd like his story the best...

But you know what, there's a number of other great tales here that really run it close. Particular favourites were by Eric Brown, Keith Brooke, and Gary Kilsworth. Overall the quality level is amazingly high - I've read published anthologies with far fewer good stories than are in here. It looks good to, with nice images of the artwork of the books from Infinity Plus catalogue...

As a sample this has served its purpose, at least on me - I'll definitely be buying some of these author's collections and novels.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you picked this up. On our behalf, Keith Brooke has been plugging away on the short story front for years with his Infinity Plus website. By the magic of Twitter, I bumped into him a few months ago. He lives in Wivenhoe, which makes him a little shady, though only if you come from Colchester like me.

Eric Brown is in this anthology. For the first time, I read a couple of his novels this year. I'd heard Eric had the tag of "writes great short stories but can't write novels" Don't know why. I thought both novels were superb. Plus I met him at a book launch in the summer. He drinks real stout, so he's all right in my book (and my 5-yr-old son who tried to chat up Eric's daughter)