Falling Over

This page collects together reviews, guest blogs etc. related to Falling Over, my second collection of stories released by Infinity Plus in 2013. You can find links to where it can be purchased at the bottom.


"There are times when you read a new author’s work and you simply sit back and admire. This is one of those times." British Fantasy Society

"It’s a special moment when you read a new author and immediately get the feeling that you’re onto something special and such was the case here. The stories in this collection are evidence of great talent at work, both emotionally and intellectually stimulating."  Dark Musings

"a great disconcerting voice in subtle horror." Timothy J. Jarvis

"Falling Over is certainly weird fiction in the British tradition of Aickman, subtle, understated, enigmatic... an excellent collection, well-crafted, imaginative and chilling." Amazing Stories

"It can safely be said that these are proudly James Everington stories, and all the better for it. Make no mistake, this is some of the very best strange fiction around." Stranger Designs

"I am pretty sure I have just discovered another favourite author to entertain me in my old age." Des Lewis, Gestalt Real Time Reviews

"It all works to a pitch-perfect conclusion. The world has definitely fallen over, but at least we have these stories because of it." Lauren James

"I found these stories horrifying, though they are not all strictly horror... I can’t promise these tales will scare you. But they sure as hell will disturb you. (Five stars out of five)" Rabbit Hole Reviews

"...intriguing and intelligent stories..." 4.5 Stars Ravenous Reads

"The author obviously loves his chosen genre, the carefully crafted twisting tales are testament to that... Everington’s precise use of language and almost instant setting of tone made each story easy to fall into. And falling does seem to be the theme here... James Everington has created a fine collection in Falling Over." Horrifically Horrifying Horror

"...something here for anyone who enjoys fiction in the short form..." The Eloquent Page

"This is a fine collection of Weird fiction for those who love their horror well written, intelligent and liminal." The Wanderer In Unknown Realms.

"The stuff of classic horror."

"...this is a masterful collection from a writer with an incredible deftness of touch. Note perfect grasp of character, the ability to render the mundane strange with a turn of phrase, deeply literate yet not an ounce of pretension, Everington is a quiet but potent voice in horror fiction." Ginger Nuts Of Horror

Contents: Falling Over; Fate, Destiny & a Fat Man From Arkansas; Haunted; New Boy; The Time Of Their Lives; The Man Dogs Hated; Sick Leave; Drones; Public Interest Story; Epilogue: A Dream About Robert Aickman

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Lauren James with an excellent piece about the theme of 'the double', comparing the title story from Falling Over to The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney.

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