Penny Dreadnought & The Abominable Gentlemen...

Penny Dreadnought is a new ebook venture from myself, Alan RykerAaron Polson and Iain Rowan - collectively known as The Abominable Gentlemen (in our own heads, at least). Each issues contains weird fiction from all of us, all based around a theme of sorts.

Penny Dreadnought Omnibus! Volume 1 contains all sixteen stories from the first four issues, as well as a bonus gallery of cover art. It's available now available as a paperback (UK | US) and ebook (UK | US).

Side effects may vary from reader to reader, but are likely to include: trembling hands; creeping dread; visions of the end times; speaking in tongues; existential doubt, and an intolerance to sparkly vampires.

The first issue is an introduction to our work and contains:

“Lilies” by Iain Rowan
“Cargo” by Aaron Polson
“First Time Buyers”
“Invasion of the Shark-Men” by Alan Ryker

Introducing Penny Dreadnought, Insidious Indoctrination Engine of the Abominable Gentlemen is approximately 22,000 words, or 88 paper pages, long. (Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords)

Volume Two: Descartes' Demon

From the malignant minds of the Abominable Gentlemen come fearful tales of paralyzing epistemic doubt. What do you do when you turn a corner and you find yourself where you hadn't intended to go, and you turn back and find that what's behind you isn't where you came from? When nothing makes sense, do you doubt your own sanity, or the world’s?

You’ll find no easy answers within the following tales:

“Falling Over” by James Everington
“All the Pretty Yellow Flowers” by Aaron Polson
“Ice Age” by Iain Rowan
“A Face to Meet the Faces that You Meet” by Alan Ryker

Penny Dreadnought: Descartes' Demon is approximately 23,000 words. Available from Amazon (US | UK), B&N, and Smashwords.

Volume Three: The Lone And Level Sands

The Abominable Gentlemen build four worlds only to destroy them in this apocalypse-themed issue of Penny Dreadnought. Witness four unique visions of the end in:

“Precious Metal” by Aaron Polson
“Only the Lonely” by Iain Rowan
“The New Words” by Alan Ryker
“He” by James Everington

Penny Dreadnought: The Lone and Level Sands is 20,000 words, or approximately 80 pages. Buy it at:
Amazon (US | UK), Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords

Volume Four: Uncommitted Crimes 

Four tales of murder, malfeasance and malarky from the Abominable Gentlemen:

"Occupational Hazard" by Iain Rowan
"The Aerialist" by Alan Ryker
"Packob's Reward" by James Everington
"Poe's Blender" by Aaron Polson

Commit your own crime by downloading it from Amazon (UK | US), Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.

Also check out the Penny Dreadnought site for more information, interviews, ramblings, and blatant lies from the Abominable Gentlemen & guests.