Friday, 21 August 2020

Recommendation: Underworld Dreams by Daniel Braum

I was honoured to advance read Daniel Braum’s forthcoming new collection, Underworld Dreams, which is now available to preorder:

“To read a Daniel Braum story is to step from the familiar into another room, through a doorway not present a second before. At first, things in the other room feel familiar, comfy—but don’t get too comfortable. You’ll notice the off-notes, the strange discrepancies, in this place Braum has transported you to soon enough. You might be tempted to stop reading and close the book, to go back through the door to where you felt safe. But Braum is too good a writer for that, and you keep reading, and you step further into the other room…
And besides, if you did turn around, who’s to say the way back would even be there?”

It contains, among many other dark delights, the story 'How To Stay Afloat When Drowning', which was originally published in Pareidolia.

You can (and definitely should) preorder it from Lethe Press here.

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