Monday, 4 November 2019

Shadows & Tall Trees 8 Pre-Order

My story 'The Sound Of The Sea, Too Close' will be appearing in Shadows & Tall Trees 8 from Undertow Publications, something I'm absolutely thrilled about, as to my mind previous volumes represent a high-water mark of contemporary weird fiction.

Shadows & Tall Trees 8 is available to pre-order now and there is a discount if you do so early. You can buy it in both hardback and paperback.

The full lineup is as follows....

Alison Littlewood - Hungry Ghosts
Brian Evenson - The Glassy, Burning Floor of Hell
Carly Holmes - Tattletale
Charles Wilkinson - A Coastal Quest
C.M. Muller - Camera Obscura
James Everington - The Sound of the Sea, Too Close
Kay Chronister - Too Lonely, Too Wild
KL Pereira - You, Girls Without Hands
Kristi DeMeester - The Quiet Forms of Belonging
Kurt Fawver - Workday
M. Rickert - The Fascist Has a Party
Neil Williamson - Down to the Roots
Rebecca Campbell - Child of Shower and Gleam
Seán Padraic Birnie - Dollface
Simon Strantzas - The Somnambulists
Steve Rasnic Tem - Sleepwalking With Angels
Steve Toase - Green Grows the Grief
V.H. Leslie - Lacuna

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