Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Trying To Be So Quiet - Release Date & Preorders

My novella Trying To Be So Quiet* will be released 16th May 2016 from Boo Books. It will be available both as an ebook and a limited edition hardback, which you can preorder now (hint, hint). I'm sure I'll be talking about this story more before the release date (and expect some news on launch events, too) so for now I'll just post the cover and blurb taken from the Boo Books site:

Trying To Be So Quiet by James Everington, with introduction from Simon Bestwick**

The day they buried her was the first day Lizzie’s death seemed real…

With death comes a journey: a journey of silence, of ghosts and not-ghosts. Life begins to break, the cracks appearing, the meaning lost in the static of existence. And you find out whether you can come to a resolution with the absolute…
Trying to be So Quiet is an incredibly powerful story of bereavement, of mourning, of finding something amidst nothingness.

Pre-order now to secure your copy of this stunning novella from one of the UK’s most exciting new voices in supernatural fiction.

Preorders here.

* Yes, I'm a big Bob Dylan fan...
** Thanks Simon!

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