Saturday 4 January 2014

Recent Book Recommendations

The festive break means I've been off work and able to devote more time to do what I was put on God's earth to do: read books. Mind you, I received more new books as presents than I actually read, so in reality I've slipped back in my fight against the dreaded 'to read' pile.

These were the pick of the bunch of recent reading:

Dark Room - Steve Mosby
A very dark, very grim crime novel with an interesting intellectual premise behind it. After Black Flowers, confirms Steve Mosby as one of my favourite current crime writers.

Ill At Ease 2
A collection of seven horror short stories from Mark West & Co and as good as expected. Here's hoping there's a third volume soon!

The Thirteen Ghosts Of Christmas
The perfect time of year to read this anthology from Spectral Press; thirteen Christmas ghost stories ranging from the traditional Jamesian ghost story to the more modern horrors of Thana Niveau's spectacular And May All Your Christmases.

We Are Wormwood - Autumn Christian
A surreal tales of drugs, madness, and a demon with wormwood eyes, told in dense, lush prose. A true original.

Tales of the Weak and Wounded - Gary McMahon
I've got a theory (it's probably bunkum) that all great horror writers are great short story writers. Gary McMahon certain provides positive evidence here.

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