Sunday, 24 June 2012

Trifecta: City Of Hell Chronicles

Howdy. I'm delighted to say that a new story of mine called No Insects At Sea is available in the second City Of Hell release from Anachron Press.

Earlier this year I set myself the goal of writing some stories for specific markets, rather than what I have been doing all these years, which is write something and only then try and find a home for it. And also to force myself to write stories slightly outside my comfort zone.

The City Of Hell stories are set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by giant, sentiment insects - the stories in the first volume were grim and dark, and focused on what people had to do to survive. I thought it would be an interesting idea to see if I could make my type of more psychological horror work in such a setting, and No Insects At Sea was the result. I hope you like it and that it gives you bad dreams.

Trifecta - City of Hell Chronicles also contains the stories The Harlot and the Bad Man by Phil Ambler and Brethren by Nina D’Arcangela. It is available as an ebook now (UK | US) and a physical version will be forthcoming soon.


Deborah Walker said...

Congratulations, what a great looking publication.

Cate Gardner said...

Congratulations, James

James Everington said...

Thanks both!