Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Scattershot Posting #4

I've been interviewed over at Iain Rowan's excellent blog as part of his 'Writers Talk About Writing' series. Some great questions on Iain's part - he's not afraid to tackle controversial topic such as whether tigers or gibbons are better. Find out my view on that vexed question, plus books and writing stuff here.

I'd certainly suggest checking out the rest of his blog while you're there - there's some flash fiction fun, and today the news that his short story Lilies is free on Smashwords. By coincidence I've updated my 'Other Indie Author Are Available' page to include Lilies today, plus a number of others. The mini-reviews are below in case you can't be bothered to click up there. Easiest to start with Iains since we were just talking about him:

Iain Rowan
Lilies: reduced me to an inarticulate 'wow' on first reading. Brilliant short story about war, youth and death, with a dark, haunting supernatural element. I'll say it again: wow.

Belinda Frisch
Crisis Hospital: short story collection of horror and thriller fiction, by an author who seems to know exactly what she's doing. Maybe a bit mainstream for my tastes, these stories concentrate on plot over style; but they're good plots.

Tim C Taylor
No More Than Human: interesting science fiction story about the conflicts between humans and post-humans, and the ethical dilemmas on both sides.

Dan Holloway
The Company of Fellows: murder mystery set in Oxford, and certainly better written than any Morse book I've read. Great evocation of my old home town, twists aplenty, and some darkness... what more could I want?

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