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These are books I've recommended or mentioned on this site (or reviewed elsewhere). Everything I've listed here is something I like and you may well too - I don't tend to mention books on here I hate, because to be honest life's too short to spend ages intellectualising about why crap is crap.

As well as the books below, you can also find my favourite individual stories read in 2013201420152016201720182019 and 2020.

Megan Abbott: The End Of Everything
Robert Aickman: Night Voices, The Strangers & Other Writings
Nina Allan: The Race
Linda Angel: Stranger Companies
Stephen Bacon: Peel Back The Sky
Stephen Bacon & Mark West: The Lost Film
Jo Baker: A Country Road, A Tree
J.G. Ballard: High-Rise
Annabel Banks: Exercises In Control
Richard Farren Barber: The Sleeping Dead
Andrew David Barker: The Electric, Dead Leaves
Matthew M Bartlett: Gateways To Abomination
Simon Bestwick: The Faceless, Let's Drink To The Dead
Simon Bestwick & Gary McMahon: Thin Men With Yellow Faces
Andrew Blackman: On The Holloway Road
Daniel Braum: The Wish Mechanics
Jim Breslin: Elephant
Keith Brooke: Sweats, The Accord
Eric Brown: Ghostwriting
Gary Budden: Hollow Shores
Donna Burgess: Breaths In Winter
Steve Byrne: Phoenix
Pat Cadigan: Chalk
Ramsey Campbell: Dark Feasts, Just Behind You, The Overnight, Holes For Faces, The Searching Dead
Ted Chiang: Stories Of Your Life And Others
Autumn Christian: A Gentle Hell, We Are Wormwood
Eliza Clarke: Boy Parts
Simon Clark: Case Of The Bedevilled Poet
Ray Cluley: Water For Drowning, Within The Wind, Beneath The Snow, Probably Monsters
MR Cosby: Dying Embers
Nicole Cushing: Children Of No One, I Am The New God
Joseph D'Lacey: The Kill Crew, Roadkill
Roald Dahl: The Witches
Mark Z. Danielewski: House of Leaves
Kristi DeMeester: Beneath
Malcolm Devlin: You Will Grow Into Them
Daniel Braum: Underground Dreams
Robert Dunbar: Willy, Martyrs & Monsters
E.M. Forster: Where Angels Fear To Tread
Phillip Fracassi: Altar
Claire C. Holland: I Am Not Your Final Girl
Dan Holloway: Songs From The Other Side of The Wall
Carly Holmes: Figurehead
Robert Hood: Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories
Holly Ice: The Russian Sleep Experiment
Shirley Jackson: The Road Through The Wall, Hangsaman, The Bird's Nest
Lauren James: The Side Effects Of The Medication
Timothy J. Jarvis: The Wanderer
Paul Jessop: Glass Coffin Girls
Carole Johnstone: Cold Turkey
Stephen Graham Jones: The Elvis Room
Franz Kafka: The Trial
Paul Kane: Blood RED
Chris Kelso: Unger House Radicals
Stephen King: IT, Salem's Lot, IT again
DH Lawrence: The Mosquito
VH Leslie: Skein & Bone, Bodies Of Water
Ira Levin: A Kiss Before Dying
John Ajvide Lindqvist: Let The Right One In
Alison Littlewood: The Unquiet House, A Cold Season, Cottingley
Sarah Lotz: The Body In The Woods
Kevin Lucia: Through A Mirror, Darkly
Tim Major: Carus & Mitch
Helen Marshall:Gifts For The One Who Comes After, Hair Side Flesh Side
China Mieville: The City And The City
S.P. Miskowski: Knock Knock, Delphine Dodd, Astoria, In The Light
Michael McDowell: The Elementals
Steven Moffat: The Day Of The Doctor
Alison Moore: The Pre-War House & Other Stories; Missing
Sunny Moraine: Singing With All My Skin & Bone
Mark Morris: Albion Fay
Steve Mosby: Black Flowers, Dark Room, I Know Who Did It
Adam Nevill: The Ritual, House Of Small Shadows, No One Gets Out Alive, Lost Girl, Some Will Not Sleep
Emma Newman: From Dark Places
Scott Nicolay: Ana Kai Tangata
Thana Niveau: From Hell To Eternity
Antony Oldknow: Dr. Upex & The Great God Ing
Jon Padgett: The Secret Of Ventriloquism 
Michelle Paver: Dark Matter, Thin Air
Sarah Pinborough: The Language Of Dying, The Death House
Arron Polson: These Darkened Streets
Kit Power: The Finite
Terry Pratchett: Equal Rites
Christopher Priest: The Affirmation
Laura Purcell: The Silent Companions
Tony Rabig: They're Waiting, The Iron River & Other Stories
Radiohead: Bodysnatchers
Anne Rice: Interview With The Vampire
Neil Schiller: Oblivious, (Slight Return)
Priya Sharma: All The Fabulous Beasts
Robert Shearman: Love Songs For The Shy & Cynical, Everyone's Just So So Special
Jeremy C. Ship: Attic Clowns Volume 2
Dan Simmons: Carrion Comfort
Christopher Slatsky: Alectryomancer & Other Weird Tales
Phil Sloman: Becoming David, Broken On The Inside
James Smythe: The Testimony
Marion Stein: Loisaida - A New York StoryThe Death Trip
Simon Strantzas: Nightingale Songs
Peter Straub: Ghost Story
David Surface: Terrible Things
Simon Kurt Unsworth: The Martledge Variations 
Jeff VanderMeer: Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance
Stephen Volk: Whitstable, Leytonstone, The Little Gift
Ren Warom: The Lonely Dark
Sarah Waters: The Little Stranger
D.P. Watt: Almost Insentient, Almost Divine
Michael Wehunt: Greener Pastures
Mark West: The Mill, What Gets Left Behind, Drive, Things We Leave Behind
Conrad Williams: Born With Teeth
Neil Williams: The Derelict
Neil Williamson: Secret Language
Taichi Yamada: Strangers 

Anthologies & Magazines:

Aickman's Heirs, ed. Simon Strantzas
Anatomy Of Death, ed. Mark West
Asian Monsters, ed. Margret Helgadottir
Best British Horror 2014, ed. Johnny Mains
Darker Companions, ed. Scott David Aniolowski & Joe Pulver Sr.
Darkest Minds. ed. Ross Warren & Anthony Watson
For When The Veil Drops, ed. J.R. Hamantaschen
Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, ed. Doug Murano & Alexander D. Ward
Horror Uncut, ed. Joel Lane & Tom Johnstone
House Of Fear, ed. Jonathan Oliver
Ill At Ease, ed. Mark West
Ill At Ease 2, ed. Mark West
Impossible Spaces, ed. Hannah Kate
Improbable Botany, ed. Gary Dalkin
Infinities, ed. Keith Brooke
La Femme, ed. Ian Whates
The Monstrous, ed. Ellen Datlow
Mammoth Best New Horror 23, ed. Stephen Jones
Off The Record, ed. Luca Veste
Shadows & Tall Trees #4, ed. Michael Kelly
Shadows & Tall Trees #6, ed. Michael Kelly
Shadows & Tall Trees #7, ed. Michael Kelly
Spectral Book Of Horror Stories #2 ed. Mark Morris
A Suggestion of Ghosts; An Obscurity of Ghosts ed. J.A. Mains
Supernatural Tales #21 ed. David Longhorn
Supernatural Tales #30, ed. David Longhorn
Tales From The Shadow Booth #1, ed. Dan Coxon
The Thirteen Ghosts of Christmas, ed. Simon Marshall Jones
The Weird, ed. Ann VanderMeer & Jeff VanderMeer
Urban Occult, ed. Colin Barnes
Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume 1, ed. Michael Kelly & Laird Barron
Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume 2, ed. Michael Kelly & Kathe Koja
Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume 3, ed. Michael Kelly & Simon Strantzas


S.J. Bagley (ed):
Thinking Horror #1
Steven Baxter: Musings of A Monkey
Robert Dunbar: Vortex
Paul StJohn Mackintosh: Casting The Runes RPG
Kit Power: My Life In Horror #1
Jeff VanderMeer: Wonderbook
Various: Horror 101: The Way Forward