Sunday 1 January 2023

Favourite Short Stories: 2022

A  bit delayed posting this due to Covid, but here's my annual favourite short stories of the year' post. Same 'rules' as before (you can find links to lists from previous years here). For each story, I've linked to the publication where I read the story, which isn't always where they were first published.

Robert Aickman: Hand In Glove (Intrusions, Tartarus Press)
Joey Baglio: The Jackal (Conjunctions)
Laird Barron: Joren Falls (Come Join Us By The Fire #2, Tor)
James Bennett: Sulta (The Dark #91)
Desirina Boskovich: The Great Dying Of The Holocene (Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Broken Eye Books)
Richard Lee Byers: Advanced Placement (Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Broken Eye Books)
Ramsey Campbell: The Devil In The Details (This Dreaming Isle, Unsung)
David Carpenter: There Goes The City (Cloister Fox #1)
Eliza Chan: The Tails That Make You (Fantasy Magazine #82)
Kay Chronister: Linden In Effigy (The Dark #85)
Chloe N. Clark: A Map For Stars We Haven't Yet Marked (Counterclock #14)
Indrapramit Das: You Will Survive The Night (Come Join Us By The Fire #2, Tor)
Sarina Dorie: Arachnids In Your Bed: An Interactive Bedtime Story For Children—And Adults (Weird Horror #4, Undertow)
Steve Duffy: The Woofle Dust (Supernatural Tales #49)
Brian Evenson: The Cabin (Come Join Us By The Fire #2, Tor)
Brian Evenson: The Rider (Weird Horror #5, Undertow)
Charles L. Grant: Out There (Cutting Edge, Guild)
Graham Greene: When Greek Meets Greek (21 Stories, Penguin)
Graham Greene: A Drive In The Country (21 Stories, Penguin)
Lucie McKnight Hardy: Cavities (Dead Relatives, Dead Ink)
Lucie McKnight Hardy: Dead Relatives (Dead Relatives, Dead Ink)
Lucie McKnight Hardy: The Pickling Jar (Dead Relatives, Dead Ink)
William Hope Hodgson: The Gateway Monster (The Weird Tales of William Hope Hodgson, British Library Tales Of The Weird)
William Hope Hodgson: The Derelict The Weird Tales of William Hope Hodgson, British Library Tales Of The Weird)
Andrew Hook: Beyond Each Blue Horizon (Never Again, Grey Friar Press)
Dan Howarth: Aperture (Weird Horror #5, Undertow)
Andrew Humphrey: Hurled Against Rocks (Weird Horror #4, Undertow)
Stephen Graham Jones: How To Break Into A Hotel Room (Nightmare #112)
Carole Johnstone: Machine (Never Again, Grey Friar Press)
R.J. Krijnen-Kemp: Volk (Never Again, Grey Friar Press)
Eleanor Kirk: The No Sex Thing (Adda Stories)
Joel Lane: The Clearing (The Earth Wire, Influx Press)
Joel Lane: And Some Are Missing (The Earth Wire, Influx Press)
Patricia Lillie: Mother Sylvia (Nightscript V)
Jack Lothian: Susan & The Most Popular Girl In School (Weird Horror #3, Undertow)
Kathryn E. McGee: Saving Face (Kelp Journal)
Gary McMahon: Not A Place I Recognise (author's website)
Alison Moore: The Stone Dead (This Dreaming Isle, Unsung)
Sunny Moraine: If Living Is Seeing I'm Holding My Breath (Come Join Us By The Fire #2, Tor)
Jeannette Ng: We Regret To Inform You  (This Dreaming Isle, Unsung)
Joyce Carol Oates: Strip Poker (Give Me Your Heart, Corvus)
Daria Patrie: Tangles (Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Broken Eye Books)
Miyuki Jane Pinckard: A House Full of Voices Is Never Empty (Uncanny #38)
Eric Raglin: Dead Rain (Dreadstone Press online)
Lauren Ring: Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise (Apparition Lit)
Gareth E. Rees: The Knucker  (This Dreaming Isle, Unsung)
C.D. Rose: Sister (Best British Short Stories 2018, Salt)
Nicholas Royle: The Other Man (The Dummy & Other Stories, Swan River Press)
Nicholas Royle: Cuckoo (The Dummy & Other Stories, Swan River Press)
Nicholas Royle: Moving Out (The Dummy & Other Stories, Swan River Press)
Salman Rushdie: The Shelter Of The World (The New Yorker Feb 08)
Robert Shearman: Damned If You Don't (Never Again, Grey Friar Press)
Robert Shearman: Sounding Brass Tinkling Cymbal (We All Hear Stories In The Dark, PS Publishing)
Robert Shearman: The Wait (Cloister Fox #1)
Zadie Smith: Blocked (Grand Union, Penguin)
Zadie Smith: Meet The President! (Grand Union, Penguin)
Teika Marija Smits: Absinthiana (Fairlight Stories)
Jo Mazelis: Skin (Best British Short Stories 2018, Salt)
Peter Straub: Blue Rose (Cutting Edge, Guild)
Dan Stintzi: The Border (Nightscript V)
Simon Strantzas: Jason's In The Garden (Nightscript V)
Don Tumasonis: What Goes Down (Ghosts & Scholars)
Charlotte Turnbull: Eventually, The Body Will Reject A Hostile Object Of Its Own Accord (Splonk #6)
Lisa Tuttle: The Horse Lord (A Nest Of Nightmares, Jo Fletcher Books)
Lisa Tuttle: A Friend In Need (A Nest Of Nightmares, Jo Fletcher Books)
Emily Ruth Verona: I Wrote Your Name (Coffin Bell) 
Catriana Ward: Once We Lived Beside A Lake (Rawblood bonus content, Gollancz)
Kaaron Warren: 68 Days (Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Broken Eye Books)
Gordon B. White: The Roast (author's website)
Zachariah Claypole White: The Eighth Room (Weird Horror #5, Undertow)
Aliya Whitely: Plans For Expansion (Drabblecast #458)
Conrad Williams: Cwtch (Best British Short Stories 2018, Salt)
A.C. Wise: How The Trick Is Done (The Ghost Sequences, Undertow)
A.C. Wise: Tekeli-Li They Cry (The Ghost Sequences, Undertow)
John Wiswell: The Coward Who Stole God's Name (Uncanny #46)
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro: Lapses (Cutting Edge, Guild)

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