Friday, 3 April 2015

The Quarantined City #3 Out Today!

The third part of my serial for Spectral Press, The Quarantined City, is released today. It's called Spot the Difference and in this episode, things start to get really bizarre for Fellows in his hunt for the reclusive writer Boursier... Cover art and blurb below - very slight spoilers if you've not read the first two episodes.

And as a bonus, the previous episodes The Smell Of Paprika and Into The Rain, are available at a knocked down price at the moment.

Episode 1: The Smell Of Paprika (UK | US)

Episode 2: Into The Rain (UK | US)

Episode 3: Spot The Difference (UK | US)

Fellows is determined to rid his house of the crippled and blank-eyed child haunting it, and to do so he needs to track down Boursier. 

But his search of the quarantined city for the reclusive writer takes him deep into the heart of the protest movement, which is stranger than he ever imagined. What kind of methods are they prepared to use to end the quarantine, and at what price? And how far will Fellows have to go helping them if he is to get the information he needs?

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