Friday, 4 May 2012


MCA AKA Nathanial Hornblower AKA Adam Yauch has passed away.

One of my fondest memories is being at Nottingham's Rock City on a student night with @fidelsdrummer 'pogo-ing' (does anyone still say that?) to the song below, screaming the lyrics at each other until we were out of breath and falling over. This was at about 8.30pm because obviously when you're 17 you go to the club as soon as it opens to get the most out of the night. So we'd only had chance to have one pissy, warm, watered down lager (Rock City's speciality to this day) by this point, so we were drunk on nothing more than the certain knowledge that the music that you're into when you're 17 is the best music that  has ever, ever been made. 

Still one of the greatest music videos ever.

RIP, man.

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Iain said...

Happy memories of being seventeen here too, going off to university interviews listening to Licence To Ill on tape on my Walkman on the coach, or being drunk and stupid in the early hours of the morning, uh, acquiring a VW badge. Sorry Mr Car Man.

Sad, sad, news.