Friday, 9 December 2011

Introducing... Penny Dreadnought

I'm genuinely excited about the news I've got to share in this post.

Penny Dreadnought is a new venture from myself, Alan Ryker, Aaron Polson and Iain Rowan - if you're a regular reader you'll know these are all guys I think are genuinely great writers, and did so well before I knew there was a chance my stories might appear alongside theirs. Future issues of Penny Dreadnought will feature new stories from all of us, plus some exciting guest authors, all based around a particular theme.

The first issue is an introduction to our work and contains:

“Lilies” by Iain Rowan
“Cargo” by Aaron Polson
“First Time Buyers”
“Invasion of the Shark-Men” by Alan Ryker

Introducing Penny Dreadnought, Insidious Indoctrination Engine of the Abominable Gentlemen is approximately 22,000 words, or 88 paper pages, and can be purchased at:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

Also check out the Penny Dreadnought site for more info, including Alan's great introduction to the first volume.


Cate Gardner said...

Congrats, James

Keith B. Darrell said...

Sounds exciting, James. Best of luck on the venture.

James Everington said...

Thanks both


Alain Gomez said...

So now if people start getting weird ideas we'll know exactly who's to blame =P

The collection looks great!