Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Story Published...

My story 'A Writer's Words' features in an anthology of psychological horror called 'The Psyche Corrupted'. Forgive the awful title I used and purchase the book here: 


The Psyche Corrupted

Edit: this anthology has got one review so far (5-stars) and I'm pretty chuffed that my contribution is one of a couple of stories mentioned by name: "The most interesting story in this vein is "The Writer's Words" in which an English literature student has been kept sane, focused, and uplifted by the careful ordering and meaning of the words in the books he reads--in this case, as the story opens, the poetry of Keats... It is an excellent read, and one that will leave the reader with a lingering and disturbing sense of the chaos of a mind loosing its sense of reality."

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