Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Being Reviewed...

I've never met Jason M Hiaeshutter from Michigan, nor had any online interaction with him, and probably never will. Nor is he likely to ever see this. Which makes the fact that he bothered to post a review of Feed The Enemy such a surprise, and pleasure, for me.

Okay, it's only an Amazon customer review and not the TLS, but it's my first ever review. So Mr Hiaeshutter - thanks.

"When this story was suggested to me, it was described as a story about terrorism. But what I found was that this was much more than a typical terrorist plot storyline. What the author did, and did extremely well, was take the reader into the mind of a woman traveling by train shortly after a terrorist attack. As you read this story, you get drawn into her fears, her anxiety; all the effects that the prior attack had on her psyche. The story is told with expert description and the reader actually feels pulled in to this woman's very thoughts and feelings. Feed the Enemy is perfect for a quick read. It is easy to get through in one sitting, though when finished, I guarantee you will find yourself begging for more."

Feed The Enemy - Kindle UK
Feed The Enemy - Kindle US
Feed The Enemy - PDF

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Rebecca L. Brown said...

Congratulations on the review :)