Monday 15 October 2018

My Fantasycon 2018 Schedule

This weekend it's Fantasycon, an event I like forward to immensely. And on the assumption that you, hypothetical blog-reader and Fcon-goer, are more organised than me and actually plan these things out in advance, here's my schedule - come say hi!

Friday 19/10 - 4pm, The Jubilee Room
Book Launch: The Black Room Manuscripts IV (The Sinister Horror Company)
This great looking anthology, edited by J.R. Park & Tracy Fahey, features my story 'Size Isn't Everything'. Something special is promised for the launch, so it should be a lot of fun...

Saturday 20/10 - 2pm, Panel Room 1
Being BFA Nominees
Ed Fortune (Moderator), James Everington, Anna Smith Spark, Stephen Volk, Jen Williams

Saturday 20/10 - 5pm, The Jubilee Room
Book Launch: Best British Horror 2018 (NewCon Press)
Great to see Johnny Mains's yearly patriotic best-of return; this year I'm chuffed to bits he chose my story 'The Affair' for inclusion. 

Saturday 20/10 - 8pm, The Disraeli Room
Readings: Fantasy
Not quite sure why I'm in a 'fantasy' reading slot, but I'm alongside the excellent Eliza Chan & Mike Chinn, so it will be alright on the night I'm sure.

Sunday 21/10 - 1pm, Panel Room 2
Strange Fiction
Andrew Hook, Duncan P. Bradshaw, Gary Budden, Georgina Bruce, James Everington, Jan Edwards

Sunday 21/10 - 3pm, The Jubilee Room
The British Fantasy Awards
I probably won't still be there for this, but I will be in spirit because Imposter Syndrome is nominated for Best Anthology!

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