Thursday 20 September 2012

Free Rowan; Free Dunbar

I don't normally recommend books I've never read, for obvious reasons, but given that I've read everything else Iain Rowan has out there I'm prepared to make an exception to tell you that his young adult horror novel Sea Change is currently free. I bought this awhile back - I don't normally read much YA stuff but I'll make an exception for a writer as good as this. Don't believe me? Well screw you, because Jeff Vandermeer agrees with me:

"You owe it to yourself to discover Rowan's fiction if you haven't already had the pleasure."
 You can get Sea Change free here (UK) and here (US) and whilst you're there, you might as well add his crime novel One Of Us and his weird fiction collection Ice Age into your basket too. It will save you time in the long run.

MARTYRS & MONSTERS by Robert Dunbar (eBook)And then, the day after today and for four days after that you can get Robert Dunbar's brilliant collection of literary horror Martyrs & Monsters free as well (UK | US).  I reviewed it here and Dunbar's story Mal De Mer is also one I've discussed in my 'Strange Stories' feature. There's also a new interview with the author here - it's the opening salvo of Occupy Horror, whose manifesto I hope will strike a chord with readers of this blog:
"The revolution is underway. The mindlessly commercial, the undistinguished and barely literate will no longer be allowed to utterly dominate the genre. Not without a fight anyway. Here … have a brick."

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