Saturday, 20 April 2019

Trying To Be So Quiet & Other Hauntings Cover Reveal

This week, the cover for the rerelease of Trying To Be So Quiet was revealed on Gingernuts Of Horror. Now called Trying To Be So Quiet And Other Hauntings, the book will be available to pre-order from The Sinister Horror Company very soon... It features two extra stories new to the rerelease: 'The Second Wish' and 'Damage'. Both are different takes on the central theme of TTBSQ: the supernatural as a manifestation of grief and loss.

I wrote a piece about just that theme to accompany the cover reveal; you can read it here.

“A small, quiet, poignant novella about grief and significance. No noise, no fuss, just good, honest writing about the things that matter.”
— Gary McMahon on Trying To Be So Quiet

You can buy it here.

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