Monday, 26 February 2018

Couple of Cool Things

A brief post on a couple of cool things recently:

A Sony C60 - brings back
so many memories.
Mark West has put together another one of his fabled 'mixtapes' - over on his site a number of us horror types have written about our favourite Stephen King short story. There's selections from Priya Sharma, Maura McHugh, Kit Power, Paula Limbaugh, Willie Meikle, and many many others.

My own piece is on King's story 'The Man In The Black Suit', although I spend almost as much time talking about a Bob Dylan song. (I often talk more about Bob Dylan than I should, especially after a beer or two.) You'll have to check out the Mixtape to find out which one.

On an unrelated note, the anthology Another Dimension (which features my story 'Red Route') has won an award! The Sterling Award, to be specific, which celebrates all things to do with the creator of The Twilight Zone. So that's rather nice.

Another Dimension (UK | US)

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