Sunday, 26 November 2017

Imposter Syndrome - Launch & First Reviews

Imposter Syndrome was formally released at Sledge-lit yesterday, with a launch alongside the marvellous Fox Spirit books. Four of the authors were in attendance: Phil Sloman, Tracy Fahey, Stephen Bacon and Gary McMahon. In keeping with the imposters theme, each author read from a story other than there own, keeping the audience in the dark about who the author actually was. In a nice touch for a horror book launch, a kid kept screaming like they were being murdered outside, too. It was a really fun launch and the book seemed to sell well.

Big thanks to Lisa Childs for all her help on the day.

The book has started to garner some reviews. David Longhorn at Supernatural Talereviewed each story individually, saying in conclusion:

"...a very good read. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the many facets of what is termed horror (or weird) fiction these days. Judging by the contents of this book the field is in fine fettle."

Meanwhile, Chad Clark also gave the book a positive review, saying "I was thrilled with all the stories here."

And last (for now) but certainly not least, Des Lewis has started one of his inimitable real-time reviews over on his site.

Imposter Syndrome (UK | US)

'Backstage' at the launch

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