Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Five Things #3

Another round up of five things that have caught my eye recently...

1. Unmanageable Spirits: a Look at Nadia Bulkin’s ‘Wish You Were Here' by S.P. Miskowski
On The Conqueror Weird (a site new to me, but looks a goodie), author S.P. Miskowski writes about Nadia Bulkin's fine story, 'Wish You Were Here' (which you can read, uh, here).

2. 'The Average Man Is Not Hard To Mystify' by Chloe N. Clark
Another Chloe N. Clark story and another accomplished tale, one that rewards several rereads. Despite it's short length, this one is bottomless.

3. 'Quiet Horror, Unquiet Horror, Disquieting Horror' by Paul St. John Mackintosh
A wide-ranging piece on the Ginger Nuts of Horror site about what is, and isn't, 'quiet horror'. Takes in Robert Aickman, Joyce Carol Oates and many others. I may not agree with everything the author says here, but it's still well worth reading and engaging with.

4. Electric Lit Interview: Victor LaValle
Fascinating interview with Victor LaValle, author of one of the best neo-Lovecraftian books around, The Ballad Of Black Tom. Here he talks about Lovecraft, the mutability of genres, and "imaginative illiteracy" and a whole load more.

5. 'Good Bones' by Maggie Smith
A poem that has been on my mind a lot since the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester & London, and the surge in voter turnout among the young denying the Tories a majority. You could make this place beautiful.

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