Sunday, 22 January 2017


Two pieces that, given the current state of the world, have inspired me:

"I want to celebrate those things here. I want to write about books and film and art and music and stories and travel and all the glorious things in the world that these small mean grubby minds, these pathetic, paltry imaginations, do not value, would like to crush out of existence."
Lynda E. Rucker: A Citizen of Nowhere

"I think maybe we have to stop reacting and start resisting. There is no way of reacting to Trump... except to sit there, mind reeling with disbelief as yet more levels of total incompetence are revealed (there are more??) and thinking what an absolute dick. Yet even small acts of resistance are valuable and important... Small acts of resistance, among which books, and the talk of books, are the greatest of all."
And so, back to the small act of writing. (Do follow the links and read them in their entirety.)

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