Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Thirteen Signs

The Thirteen Signs is a new anthology from editor Dean M. Drinkel, and contains horror stories based around different signs of the Zodiac. I was given Pieces as mine, and my story 'Hooked' is set on Majorca and describes a birdwatcher caught up in a sinister trap. But is he the prey or the bait?

I had fun writing this one, and gleefully slagging off astrology (which I think is purest bollocks) in the process. The book has some other great writers in as well, including Lily Childs, Mark West, Tim Dry, Steve Byrne, Jan Edwards and Amelia Mangan. Ebook is out now from Nocturnicorn Press with a paperback to follow very shortly.

The Thirteen Signs (UK | US) 

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