Monday, 4 July 2016

The Quarantined City: Out Friday

Very, very excited to be able to say that The Quarantined City will be out this Friday from Infinity Plus. 

For those readers who've been waiting to read the complete version for so long, I can only apologise one last time and say that I hope that it is worth the wait. Special thanks to Keith Brooke at Infinity Plus for taking on the book when it was in limbo (aptly enough given the story, maybe) and doing such a fantastic job with the editing and cover art–which you can see below for the first time.

"...There is an edge of Murakami here, we are in a world just slightly skewed from our own but all the more foreign for that. Everington has a crystal clear prose style, reminiscent of J G Ballard but, like China Mieville, twisted toward the gothic..." Damien G Walter

The Quarantined City: sealed off from the outside world, with only the sight of the ocean to remind its inhabitants of life beyond. No one knows why the city has been quarantined and conspiracy theories abound.

But for Fellows life continues largely as before. He walks the streets, hunts out rare books; the sun continues to shine and the gulls circle above. 
There’s the small matter of the ghost haunting his house, but Fellows doesn’t let himself think of that.

But when he tracks down a story by the reclusive writer known as Boursier, his old certainties fade as he becomes aware that the secrets of the city, the ghostly child, and the quarantine itself, might be more connected than he thinks…

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