Sunday 10 January 2016

A Quick Announcement On The Quarantined City

Some of you might have spotted that all has gone quiet re. The Quarantined City. The original plan was for Spectral Press to publish ebooks of parts 1-6 monthly during 2015, with a combined paperback volume following this year. However, after publishing the fourth part in July 2015 Spectral did not release parts 5 or 6 and my efforts to find out what the cause of the delay was were frustrated. A number of readers contacted me to find out what was happening, and annoyingly I was unable to tell them anything. Nor did I receive any payments for the episodes that were published.

Unfortunately, it turns out Spectral Press has run into some very serve financial trouble. The full extent of this become apparent this weekend; a rescue plan was put together by another press to published Spectral Press books under a new imprint. For various reasons I've decided not to sign with that press, meaning all rights to The Quarantined City have reverted back to me. I am speaking to publishers about getting the full story published as one volume and I hope to have some news on this soon. For the readers who have bought the original episodes and are impatient to know how things turn out for Fellows, Boursier and the quarantined city itself I can only apologise. 

Spectral Press has published some fantastic books over the years, and I hope that the owner recovers from this setback and the health issues that have lead to it. I must also say that a number of authors and customers of Spectral have over this weekend been subject to conduct that was unprofessional to say the least–they all have my full support.

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