Thursday, 15 October 2015

FantasyCon 2015 - Before...

I've never been important enough to have an actual 'schedule' for a convention before. I'm still not important, but here's the things I'm involved in at this year's FantasyCon 2015, in my home town of Nottingham in just over a week:

Friday 23rd
2pm, the bar: not an official event this, but an hour before FantasyCon formally starts there is going to be a launch of the Masks anthology from KnightWatch Press, which features my story Porcelain. I believe I'll be doing a reading but details are still to be confirmed.

Saturday 24th
3pm, Conference Theatre: I'll be moderating the British Horror Present & Future panel, with an all star cast of panelists: Nina Allan, Cate Gardner, Alison Littlewood, Adam Nevill, Simon Kurt Unsworth and Stephen Jones. I've never moderated a panel before, so it's certainly in at the deep-end given how much I admire all of the panelists' work. Should be fun/terrifying.

11.30pm, somewhere: I'll be doing a reading slot during the graveyard shift; not sure exactly what I'll pick to read yet. Any requests?

Other than that, I'll likely be in the bar/attending some of the excellent book launches, panels & readings/eating curry/meeting up with friends old and new. Hope to see a few of you there!

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