Monday 28 April 2014

Dying Embers

M.R.Cosby Dying EmbersToday's the release day for Dying Embers by M.R. Cosby, a collection of short stories which I've had the pleasure of reading pre-release, and the privilege of writing an introduction for.

And, picky bugger that I am, I certainly wouldn't write an introduction for just anyone. 

Fortunately this is a fine collection of weird, Aickmanesque weird fiction, which no doubt explains why it was snapped up by Satalyte Publising. Here's a brief extract from my intro:

Within these stories you’ll find people drawn into strange situations that they, and we, only partly understand. In nearly all cases the characters themselves are not to blame for what occurs; they are merely unfortunates who have slipped through the gaps in a ‘real world’ that is more porous and uncertain than they imagined. The same goes for the lucky reader, and it is important in this regard that Cosby seems only marginally interested in the traditional trappings of the horror story: the monsters, the restless dead, the slimy deities from another world. The lack of such predictable tropes makes the experience of reading these stories the more unpredictable; previous horror stories you might have read are no guide here.

Sales links and more information on Martin's site.

Should you need any more encouragement, I'll end by saying one of the stories even has dinosaurs in.

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