Monday, 16 September 2013

A Holiday In Seaburgh...

'Seaburgh' is the setting of A Warning To The Curious by M.R. James - it is based on the small Suffolk town of Aldeburgh which James frequently used to visit, and I've just come back from a week staying there. The town doesn't make much at all of its connection to M.R. James, despite the fact that pretty much every other famous person associated with the place is mentioned in both the museum and church displays. But for those who know the story, it's pretty easy to identify the locations of most of the key scenes:

" is one of those places that does not change much with the passing of the years."

 "... a spacious church of flint, with a broad, solid, western tower..."
"... there was nobody about - nobody at all. Seaburgh out of season is an early, quiet place..."

"... he ran off down the beach that way..." 
"... the old Martello tower."

As well as exploring James's Seaburgh (and Adnams beers) I also finished a story called The Place Where It Always Rains whilst away - it's for a 'thing' which I'll tell you about as soon as I can. The title was in no way influenced by the weather whilst I was away...

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