Monday, 8 July 2013

Falling Over - Early Copies...

So, Falling Over, my collection of short stories from Infinity Plus is available from Createspace now. Paperback and ebook copies will be coming from Amazon and other booksellers soon...

Edit: Paperback is now available on Amazon (UK | US) .

I'm very pleased and excited about this book; I think it contains some of my best stories to date and I'll be doing some guest blog spots about some of the influences behind them over the coming weeks. And I'll no doubt have lots to say here as well; be warned. (Do check out the other titles coming from Infinity Plus too - they look cracking.)

Sometimes when you fall over you don’t get up again. And sometimes, you get up to find everything has changed:

An ordinary man who sees his face in a tabloid newspaper. A soldier haunted by the images of those he has killed from afar. Two petty criminals on the run from a punishment more implacable than either of them can imagine. Doppelgängers both real and imaginary. A tranquil English village where those who don’t fit in really aren't welcome, and a strange hotel where second chances are allowed… at a price.

Ten stories of unease, fear and the weird from James Everington.

"Good writing gives off fumes, the sort that induce dark visions, and Everington’s elegant, sophisticated prose is a potent brew. Imbibe at your own risk." - Robert Dunbar, author of The Pines and Martyrs & Monsters


Cate Gardner said...

Sold to the woman in tight jeans. Congratulations, James

James Everington said...

Well I've said it on Twitter and on FB, so might as well do the Treble and say it here: thanks Cate!