Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A very brief post this, but there's a few things I really should mention:

I've written a guest post on one of my favourite novels, The Double by Jose Saramago, over on the Supernatural Tales site.

And on Colin Barnes' site, another guest post entitled Are Big Bastard Novels Sucking The Life from Horror?

Martin Cosby has written a very perceptive review of Falling Over on his site here. This might be showing off, but I have to quote from it slightly here:

It's tempting to suggest the influences behind some of these tales, to say they may be 'Aickmanesque' or influenced by Kafka, Shirley Jackson and so on. However, having read James Everington's previous collection, The Other Room, what struck me most was that he has been busy developing his own style; it can be safely said that these are proudly James Everington stories, and all the better for it. Make no mistake, this is some of the very best strange fiction around.

Falling Over is available now...

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