Monday, 20 May 2013


A quick heads up on a new book that might be of interest. Regular readers will know how much I rate Robert Dunbar's fiction. Well now he's written a non-fiction book about the origins of horror, and very interesting it looks too:

They say a basis in fact underlies most legends. They say it all the time, all those Wise Elders in all those old horror films, the high priests, the scientists, the gypsy fortune tellers. On this single issue they agree unanimously. Deep currents of tradition and superstition swirl through most classic works of horror fiction. They spring from deep within us, these nightmares, these folktales. They speak of our deepest needs, the ones we have all been taught since childhood never to put into words, because dreams reveal our other face, the one we keep hidden, the Hyde to mankind’s collective Jekyll. Our most primitive ancestors never died, the ones who killed with rocks and clubs and clawing hands. No, they remain within us still. And when we sleep, they speak.

Vortex is out in paperback from Amazon (UK | US)

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MRCosby said...

Yes, this does look very interesting indeed! Reserve my copy.