Thursday, 2 August 2012


Do people really like reading these kind of blog posts, where a writer details how much 'progress' they have made in the previous month? I'm really not sure. I'm not even sure if I like reading them, other than the warm glow when a writer I admire is obviously getting the recognition they deserve (the 'warm glow' may also be accompanied by gnawing jealousy, but hey).

So... July. An up and down month.

I sold more copies of The Other Room, The Shelter, and First Time Buyers in the UK than ever before; The Shelter in particular rose to the giddy heights of #2 in the Amazon/Horror/Ghosts chart and more importantly received some lovely reader reviewers.

By contrast, I'm selling about the same as I ever did in the US - I'm not quite sure why the disparity, but it's been going on for months now. Maybe my stories are just to 'British' in their sensibilities & tone?

In terms of new writing, this month just gone has not been great; various real-life events have taken their toll & eaten chunks out of my writing time. I do have one new story drafted out - it's either called Caligraphy or Handwritten and is about collective sin and the role of the scapegoat... (another cheerful tale!). It needs some serious revision though.

And I've had a story accepted for a new anthology which I should be able to tell you about soon (as well as the usual smattering of rejections). I'm such a tease.

So as I said, up and down. You?


Maria Savva said...

Well, I've just read it, so the answer to your question is yes, there are some strange people who like reading these types of posts LOL

I've also noticed that I sell many more books on the UK than on the .com Amazon site...

Congrats on the anthology acceptance :)

Colin said...

Congrats on the no 2 spot, that's excellent. And deserved.

So far my anthologies and short stories on US Amz outsell the UK by 2 to 1.

As for my month, it's been up and down. Massive personal shifts, but writing has gone okay. Hopefully will have a new release next monday. (Techxorcist novelette ahead of the serialised novel).

Keep up the great work, mate.

James Everington said...

Thank you both.

Iain said...

Congratulations on The Shelter, that is fantastic, and as Colin said, well deserved. Good news on the other sales too, and I'm confident that's going to build further now.

I think my sales split out even-ish between the US and the UK, but I should really look at how this works out on a per-book (or per genre) basis.

Sales for me in July have gone down like Ashley Young on ice, but appear to be picking up a little now, thankfully. Haven't done anything resembling promotion in ages, but not entirely sure that correlates to my best sales periods anyway. Who knows.