Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What Do You* Fear?

* i.e. me

I've been interviewed over at the blog of author G.R. Yeates as part of his What Do You Fear? interview series.

Find out my views on UK versus US English, an embarrassing gap in my dark fiction reading to date, and in what ways I am not like Indiana Jones.

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Adam Golaski said...

"Packet of crisps" is a phrase I don't find charming. I won't say that it "should" be "bag of chips," because that's not too great either, but when I come across "packet of crisps" in a story it stops me reading. Only an old, snooty woman would call mass-produced, store-bought chips "a packet of crisps." Are Doritoes "crisps"? Pringles? No. No!

I guess "kerb" for "curb" kind of freaks me out too.