Thursday, 16 February 2012

Double Whammy

Not one but two new stories to tell you about today...

Firstly my story Haunted appears in the new collection of flash fiction 100 Horrors. The premise of the collection is simple: 100 authors, 100 stories, each 100 words long or less. (If you count the title, mine is exactly 100 words long - yes, I am a show off.) 

100 Horrors is the first release from Cruentus Libri Press and is out on Kindle now (UK | US) and there is also a forthcoming print version too.

Obviously there's a ton of different authors involved in this one, but suffice to say a number of them are 'alumni' from my In Defence Of Short Stories guest-blog post series, including: Colin BarnesVictoria Griesdoorn, and Kate Monroe.

Secondly the gentlemen over at Penny Dreadnought have been busy again - the third issue, called The Lone and Level Sands is out now.

This apocalypse-themed issue of Penny Dreadnought contains four unique visions of the end:

Precious Metal by Aaron Polson
Only the Lonely by Iain Rowan
The New Words by Alan Ryker
He by James Everington

 Buy it at Amazon (UK | US), Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

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