Saturday, 28 January 2012

Love Songs & The End Of The World...

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!
I'm unlikely to be able to post about this tomorrow when it goes live, due to having to go to the office sometime between 2am and 6am tonight (don't ask) after attending a stag-do... but do check out the weekly post on 52 Songs, 52 Stories tomorrow, as the story Iain posts will be based on a song requested by me:

So check  52 Songs, 52 Stories tomorrow.

That is, if the world lasts that long. Forget all that Mayan calendar nonsense; The Abominable Gentlemen really know when the world will end, or at least be changed out of all human recognition.

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Iain said...

Office at 2am after a stag-do? That's cruel and inhuman.

And the story inspired by the song you requested is up now at 52 Songs, 52 Stories. Good choice of song!