Friday, 28 October 2011

Other Internet Pages Are Available

Some dark corners of the internet I've stumbled upon recently:

Firstly I'm loving the flash-fiction found on Maps Of The Lost - no idea who it is writing; there's no clues on the site at all. But whoever this mysterious stranger is - more please!

Speaking of flash-fiction, Anne Michaud is hosting a competition to write a scary story in 100 words or less on her blog as part of the Coffin Hop tour. My own entry, Haunted, is exactly 100 words long - you can find it here along with the other entries (I particularly like Ren Warom's story Glue).

Thanks to Colin Barnes and Alan Ryker for recent kind reviews of The Shelter on their blogs.

And speaking of Alan Ryker, as we were, he had a new site dedicated to horror movies called Streaming Horror. Check it out if you like horror films and/or cute but sarcastic dogs called Chewie.

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