Friday, 26 August 2011

A Scattershot Posting #6

Like a swan floating on the river, there may not appear to have been much activity here at Scattershot Writing for the last week, but underneath it has been as frantic as anything.

I'm hoping to have The Shelter published in just over a fortnight... and I'm on holiday for half that time. But I'm still on schedule I think: feedback on the trial cover I posted below was pretty positive; some people didn't like the font/text-size but I can play around with that quite easily. I've also had some helpful proof-reading and editing suggestions from a couple of beta-readers, to whom I am inordinately grateful. So things seem to be on track...

In other news, I've answered some questions for Five Question Friday over at Aaron Polson's blog - check out all of Aaron's site if you haven't already. But be prepared to spend some cash when you see how interesting his books look...

Finally, my last post was called Bad Cover Version (rather inaccurately, to be fair). But as it's Friday we could do with some decent tunes - so here's my pick of five great cover versions. (Feel free to let me know your top-five covers in the comments...)

The Flaming Lips covering Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue): 

If you're going to cover Kylie, you might as well up the plaintive emotional content while simultaneously wearing furry animal costumes, no?

Laura Marling covering The Needle and The Damage Done (Neil Young):

Marling shows she really is the real deal by going toe-to-toe with Young, and coming out with at least a score-draw.

The Tindersticks covering Here (Pavement):

I can't find a proper link/video for this sorry; I think this might be a live version. Well worth checking out the original (it was a B-side). Proper Nottingham band, Tindersticks:

Radiohead covering Nobody Does It Better (Carly Simon):

Another live one, but unlike the Tindersticks one, this hasn't ever been done in the studio to the best of my knowledge. But it's awesome, obviously.

Taken By Trees covering Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns & Roses):

I love this because it takes a song everyone knows, and makes something completely different out of it.

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Iain said...

Not sure why, but that Flaming Lips video scares me. Possibly its a Donnie Darko thing.

Hadn't heard the Tinders covering Pavement, so ta for that. Would quite like to hear what a cover version the other way round would sound like.

Excellent idea for a post, and one which I have shamelessly stolen.