Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Scattershot Posting #5

I've been interviewed over at Christopher Bunn's excellent Scribbles & Tunes site - a wide-ranging interview that was actually done in what I pretentiously call my 'Feed The Enemy' period, although I mainly seem to end up talking about Nottingham, Robin Hood, and if in the future the afterlife will consist of having our consciousness downloaded onto Amazon and have those that survive us grade us with their star-rating system.

I've been thinking about Feed The Enemy a bit again these last few days - given it's a story at least in part about the relationship between the press and politicians, how could I not? Although no one on the outside could claim to have fully predicted the News Of The World shit-storm of the last week, the fact that the British tabloid press is in up to its neck in corruption and filth is hardly a surprise to a lot of us. The surprise is that people have finally woken up and cared. And all it took was the exposure of behaviour barely more moral than grave-robbing. Sigh.

I've another story about the press and it's odious little ways, this one more in keeping with my more usual weird horror-ish fiction. It's called 'Public Interest Story' (well it is at the moment - it's another title of mine I don't much care for) and at some point I hope you'll be able to read it. I also hope that it's not a period-piece by then, and that the story is still relevant. Who knows, maybe our scaremongering, warmongering, biased, homophobic, immigrant bashing, scapegoat creating, corrupt, and lying press will have been reformed out of all recognition by a new breed of politicians not afraid to take them on.

**** checks The Daily Mail website ****

Actually, I think I'll be all right for a few years at least.

**** feverishly clears internet history over and over again in a futile attempt to wash out the stink of even seeing the Daily Mail's 'news' ****

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