Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Meanwhile, At Nowhere...

For a few days I've been meaning to post some links to Iain Rowan's excellent blog More News From Nowhere, but he's been adding new, interesting stuff almost daily for awhile and I've only just had chance to catch up. Here's a Nowhere-News summary:

One. Iain's got a new book out - Ice Age is a collection of his short horror/weird/dark fiction. It includes Lilies which I've mentioned on here before, a cracker of a story that was featured in a Mammoth Best New Horror anthology. I haven't read Ice Age yet, but I'd suspect it would be something readers of The Other Room would also like (Ice Age at Amazon US | UK)

Two. Iain's interviewed Alan Ryker, another author I've mentioned on here. This is all getting a bit incestuous isn't it? But Alan is always interesting when talking about the horror genre, so I do advise you to check it out. Warning, may contain me. I told you it was incestuous.

Three. And finally, Iain's done a great post on the scumbags over at The News Of The World hacking into a dead teenager's mobile. I know some of the readers of this blog are not from the UK, but the behaviour of any part of the worldwide Murdoch empire should be of concern to us all, particularly when it's so unpardonable as this is. To sum up for those who don't know:

Fact 1. The News of The World is already embroiled in multiple phone hacking scandals, to date involving celebrities and politicians.

Fact 2. Now it emerges The News of The World also hacked into missing teenager Milly Dowler, in order to listen to messages from her panic stricken parents and relatives.

Fact 3. The News of The World found that her message box was full up and started deleting the old messages so they could hear new ones. Heartbreakingly, this gave the Dowler family false hope that their daughter was still alive. It also meant they basically deleted evidence from a murder enquiry.

Fact 4. The sub-editor and editor at The News Of The World at the time of this and other phone hacking scandals are friends of the Tory party in general, and David Cameron in particular. In fact Cameron thought one of them was such a great guy he hired him as communication officer.

Fact 5. Despite all this, the current Tory-led government believes that Murdoch and his cronies deserve more control over our press and television, and are falling over themselves to approve mergers and takeovers to facilitate this.

Fact 6. The News Of The World and The Sun and The Times all supported the Tory party at the last election, and undoubtably will at the next one.

Fact 7. It's starting to come to light that The News Of The World may have hacked into even more missing teenagers mobile phones...

If this appals you as much as it does me then see some suggestions of what can be done here.


Iain said...

Cheers for the linkage, James, much appreciated...as was the link at the end to the 'what can be done' site. Because that's the key, isn't it.

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